Ars-Natura- Marathon 13.07.2014

Posted by Ron Prinzlau on July 25, 20140 Comment

Trnaslated by Bjørn Henschke


Rcently after the race at the Solling. SmallTalk:

Next week is the Ars-Natura-Marathon in Neumorschen.

I: fantastic. I replied: Where, What? Neumorschen?

Yes, directly at the A7, not nuch further than the Sauerland.

I: Well, I thought. Just take a look.


Bit I won’t got time, because Leo, my oldest son, got his degree and finished school. And on Saturday should be his Graduation-Party. My friends, my dear friends told something of a very special Marathon, and kept on using the words, awesome, marginal and cool. Without thinking, I trusted my friends with their opinion.

So, I took my princess for a dance in the HDI-Arena. As you know, my princess likes to dance. And if I dance with her, I’m allowed to ride marathon races. IT went quite good last week. Dancing, no sleep, marathon. It was the perfect preparation, to dance until my shoes burned and my muscles were warm. When I took at the other dancers, they slipped, stumbled and got red faces, but I… not with my endurance. I thought. Car is packed. Bike fixed. Sleeping? Overvalued…What shall happen…?


As I danced, Helene Fischer got me out of my thoughts: Breathless thru the night… By the way, what does it mean: Special-Marathon ???

Yes, 110km over 2900m of altitude. My thigh began to twitch and I lowered my dance speed. My princess told me, not to stop: 1,2,3,1,2,3. Hear and feel the music.

That I just wanted to survive the next day, was no interest for my princess, she just wanted to dance and sparkling wine. I decided to die on the battlefield not on the dance floor. I went to bed at 3:00o´clock, waited until 5:00o´clock, got up. Met myself with my friends at the station in Rhüden.

When we arrived in Neumorschen, I got to know, that there were only 11 people for the long distance. And every one of them, already sat on a bike and knew the course, except me. Well, have a good night. Warming up, during the race. Start and off. I started a bit to fast, but than I was able to find my speed and to get rid of some others. I found a group, with rode perfectly my speed, until I remarked. That they just rode the 44 or the 88km.


While I just pased km50 my friend Tobi rode up to me and attended me for the next 30km. Until here we just rode alone. Than, Tobi pushed the pedals a bit more than I, and soon there was a gap of about 100m between us, I just thought at the song of last night: Breathless thru… Than I knew, 88km would have been enough for today.
I haven’t seen Tobi until the finish. At point 88km, you turned back on the family round, which wasn’t that hard to ride, but still got 500m of altitude left for me. F**K
pirate14ars3„Special-Marathon“, such a nonsense. Friends, friends, sometimes the wrong. My result that day: 5th AG with a time of 6:02h. At the finish, no more cake or pie nor a cake left for me. AWESOME. Everything was already removed. But it was a nice experience.

Luckily I go my friends, who tell you about a spezial marathon. Luckily I was on time back home for the final of the World Championship. Breathless thru the night…Yes, yes, yes, a bike can do so much to you…


Having said this,

Chain most right.