Karlsfeld Race Sprint Distance



7th place overall

At the 13.07.14 it was time fort he Karlsfeld Race Triathlon. About 300 triathletes for the sprint and 500 for the Olympic Distance were registered. I decided myself to participate at the sprint distance triathlon over 500m swim, 30km bike and 5km of running.


Slow and easy the triathletes went to the starts.


A clearing between the trees at the shore of the Lake of Karlsfeld, was the place fort he start.

In the transition area was the usual stress between the disciplines, before you entered the unusually long bike course.



In Karlsfeld you had to put on your bikes shoes before you get on you bike because right at the beginning of the bike course, is a really narrow and long section.



My swimming was really good, my bike part as well, with a average speed of above 40km/h and so I changed lying on the 6th place the running course. I just was passed on the running course by a 20 year younger athlete. I got no chance as an old mule, to the top. But I was very satisfied with my 7th place overall




At the 2nd.08.14, I´ll participate at the Sixtus Alp-Triathlon at the Schliersee.

Greetings from Munich, Daniel