Allersheimer MTB-Cup 06.07.2014

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On July 17, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


Friends of mine and bookworms, will already be noticed the missing bulletin of the Bike festival in Willingen. Well, don’t panic. I haven’t forgot it, like some sharp tongues already are claiming. Here we go, everything: the overnight in the Pirate-Van, my permission of the Pirate-princess, the carbo-party, the starting bag, with nothing else inside than commercial. Some nice snorkels during the night. Waking up, breakfast, start block B and an easy start.


As always. The course. As always. Weather. As always. Sportograf, same spot, as always, like in the last hundred years. Wearing the same stuff, as always. Kind of boring. I didn´t take a picture with me either. Anyway, who reads the bulletin of last year? Pictures matches anyway. I did´nt win. 64th place AG, on the middle distance of 85km with a time of 5:57h. This year I got to be a little bit faster.

Meeting some other Pirates was fun. This time I could use the wind shadow of Ron, and was able to regain some places, before my gel worked and I was able to go faster, because Ron also got an appointment, which delayed.

I haven´t participate at the race in Allersheim/ Holzinden/ Solling. Because, the race always took par,t when I was on holiday, with my princess and the guys. This time, my pillion and his wife, celebrates its birthday, the night before. No way, my princess wanted to party. No time to recover or anything. I’m not training that much, to have some endurance problems, on the dance floor. No, dancing as much as I can. My princess was happy and I got some new permission for some races. At 3:0o´clock, we went to bed. Short power sleep, until it was time to get up, for the race. Sleep? Clearly overrated.



Short version: middle distance, 49km, time 2:34h, 26th AG. Not bad, but not good either. Started to easy, wonderful weather conditions and atmosphere. At the end of the race, I was surprised that it was all over that fast.

My next race on my schedule, ist he Ars-Natura-Marathon in Neumorschen. Well, let´s hope, I´ll find the way there

Chain most right,