A small bulletin of the Cyclassics 2013:

Report by Martin Braatz                                                                                                                                                   .

Departure in Bremen for my 2nd participation at the Vatenfall Cyclassics was at 5:00o´clock. On the way to Hamburg I became more and more calm and I just was looking forward for the event. When we arrived in Hamburg we fastly fixed our bikes and went to our start block for the 55km course.


My main goal to reach the finish with a better time than last year and without a puncture or a crash. The show started and I rode on quite relaxed, because I knew the course already from last year. The new made Mountain ranking is nothing for me, as a plainsman. And I don´t got to exercise such hills in Bremen, except a dike with a constant up and down.


Anyhow, I made it, finished healthy on the Mönckeberg street with a time of 1:38:55h, 10min faster than last year.

I´m sure, I won´t become a fast Pirate, but one thing is clear, it was a really nice event and I had lots of fun. This is the main reason for myself. Maybe I can do the 100km next year.

Greetings from Bremen

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