An endless melee or triathlon to get out of a habit!!!

Report by Daniel Pacher                                                                                                                                   .

It was the 2nd triathlon this year, the preparation were all right, but I wished that I had spent some time on my bike, but who care´s. This triathlon was just a preparation for the 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas. I ignored the cold I got, which wasn´t the best thing, I get to know later. Anyhow, the 2nd triathlon in 2 weeks, but this under better weather conditions…


On the firt sight, everything seemed all right, everything at one central point. Starting bags, start, finish, bike and running course, but on the 2nd view, it was like hell.

Swimming in the Spree was a really challenge because of the waves and the missing temperature. It was a there and back course, and so you often had swimming from others start groups, who swim right on your way, but in the wrong direction. Because of the waves you weren´t able to see the buoys. And by the way, you don´t get enough breath if you dealing with a cold, now I knew that. After a lousy time, I made my way to the bike course.

Something else to overcome with….

3 rounds and on each round you had to cross both of the landing strip of the former airport Tempelhof,4 times. Than further on over 3 narrow 90degree curves, back on the street with 65km/h down an hill, downstairs, U-Turn and back up the hill again. Than 3 more 90degrees curves and back on the landing strip again. Well, each round 8 U-Turns and 6 90degree curves. And having some hoardings, which you haven´t seen for sure, while riding in the aero position.

Bull shit for sure. Wind from every where and no spectators or viewers.

The same shit on the running course. Three lonesome rounds without seeing anyone, besides the fence of the airport. Awesome. After I almost hit the wall on the bike, nothing worked on the running course. Didn´t get enough air, because of the cold. Got an ache in my chest, my thighs felt like Iiron. I gotta excuse myself at my heart, who causing so much troubles.

At the end it was a 6th place in my AG. I won´t do this kind of shit again…
Conclusion: If there will be another 70.3 here in Berlin, and I´m sure, it won´t, and for sure without me. Just, if you will change the course..

Daniel Pacher

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