3h of Detmold

Report by Andrè Döring                                                                                                                               .

After all tests and exams of the last  month, I had finally gain a starting number on my bike and stood at the starting line of the ambitious 3h race of Detmold. The club of Bike-Sport-Lippe invited for the 3h race. The circle course consist of fast trails and downhill parts and a really nice Jacob´s ladder which force every strength out of your body.

In 2011 I had lots of fun here with Moni. Now, without Moni, but I´m sure if, she would have ride with me. The race is really good organized and they good lots of terrific cakes and pies.
But, no really spare for my missing dirt queen Moni
The only Pirate behind the starting line…


During the race I resigned every cake. I just rode on, round for round, it went quite good. My bike was purring like a ct. My legs good and my head and mind was all free. After all I rode 13 rounds, one more than last time. This was enough for the 17th in my AG, and this while having participating at no race this year so far during the last months.

Now I´m ready for the P-Way.

We´ll see us


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