Two brothers sailing together in unknown seas….

report by Marcel Krahmann                                                                                                                             .

We wanted to try something complete new and thought about participating at a 24h race. Soon we knew that it should be a team of two, a team of brothers. Than to choose the right race was more difficult, because there are many of them, than we decided ourselves for Munich. Than we found a team name: The K-Brothers/ Team Pirate.

But: Man proposes, God disposes. In April I was overseen by a car and had to pause for 9 ½ weeks. I had to cancel in Bad Wildbad again. I registered twice and twice I cancelled as well, but all good things are three. So, we were in need of a spare rider for Munich. Christian found one, who would ride for me, I I wasn´t in good shape again. In July I was allowed to exercise again, I just concentrated myself on endurance. So, Munich can come…

I had aleck of exercise but was in a good mood and so I drove on Friday to Munich. Christian and his attendant normally should wait on the campus for me, but the train was delayed. So, it was my time to save a place for us and built up with the help of the neighbours our paddock.

Christian was the start rider.

By the way, I haven´t pushed my bike all the time, like another previous bulletin told you. You can see it on the upcoming pictures.

Rainer was always at the wrong points when he saw me…

  Christian did really good rounds with an average time of 22min a round. I needed about 4min more for each round. At the end we had 31 rounds. Not bad for the first time…


We got to say thank you to our mom for all the support throughout the race and hadn´t slept at all as well

Chain mostright

The Krahmann Brothers, Marcel and Christian

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