Time to tell ya something……

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Dezember 16, 2013

Bulletin by Guido Pütz

Translated by Bjørn Henschke

Last month, I had every weekend another race of the WEC, because of that, I´ll make an overall report.

On 01.12.13, Goldenstedt was on my schedule, a nice race all around a small lake. They had sand,, they had bitumen, they had hindrances and they invited the German CX-U23 Champion. The race was nice and went quite good, of course I was over rounded by the German Champion, but at least only 300m before the finish. Even I offered him before that I would pay for his coffee and cake/pie afterwards. What did I learn about this? Better exercise some than to spent 10€ on coffee and pie. After all I ended up on the 16th place.



At the 08.12.13, I started in Osnabrück. They had lots of single trails and the course was wuite narrow. Before the race I gave myself a promise to eat a cake for every round I will ride, because it was also my birthday. But it wasn´t my day, I was in a fight with the 10th place, but than 10 and 11 rode away from me. I thought about a lack of power, but it was the loud “ NOISE” earlier, which blockaded my front wheel and brake. Don´t care, so I did a special exercise unit. After all it was the 12th place for me.


At the 15.12.13, I started in Emsdetten. The course was flat and they had acre, a large sand box. My start wasn´t the best, which would be important on a course like this. Finally I was able to catch a group and we fought together our way thru the acre and sand. At the end Itook the 14th place.


Now, eventually, I will participate at a Kerstcross race in the Netherlands and the closing race of the WEC, will be in Gesmold at the 31.12.13. Iam looking forward to it. Gesmold is a totally new race and will lead around a lake as well