Stüken-Wesergold MTB Cup 2014

Posted by Ron Prinzlau on August 12, 2014 0 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


Andre, I can’t tell you how much I missed you. It’s been a long time, since we rode a race for the Cake&Pie Trophy. Than Andre told me that he would start at the Stüken-Wesergold MTB Cup in Rinteln. Wait, that´s just around the corner. BIKE, CAR, FULL THORTTLE. ANDRE…World is all right for me again…

Last time, Re-union, when I remember, it was Bike Four Peaks, and than I crashed myself. Nothing more about eating Ice-Cream with you. Doesn’t matter. Rinteln was awesome. Normally I don´t like CC-races, but for Andre…There were so much people, I haven’t seen for ages. Kathrin, Hannah, Micha, Guido and, and, and. The race went right thru the town, to in the jungle, but before an audience…awesome…

Right after the start, you had to ride over a hump…ouch…my fork…my shoulder, and this for 6times.

But, if you Approach to fast……

You learned to fly…

….like this owl here….MTB Owl-Express – The name says it… 😛

In town, they offered several steal humps, to be honest,, once I entered such a hump to fast as well, but lucky me, I did not crash and was able to catch myself. But it looked awesome for sure…

Steel Bridge – Fun-Fun-Fun

Wonderful Fun Course. The announcer talked for about 7h constantly. It was not a race, at the end of the world, but a good party. Maybe because of my personal flying tiger…

I did quite well, even without much exercise. My shoulder worked and I took the first place in the hobby league of 14 girls. Altogether we were 109.Not bad, all right not that good than riding with a license, with just 20 participants 😉 and 2 women, yawn…I think we got more fun than the license one

Andre ended up on the 15th place and passed me in the 6th round. Later he told me, he wanted to look out for me, if I would be in danger again. Guido Kossler took the 7th place.

Thank you guys for the wonderful afternoon…See you soon.


Moni Moonreker