2nd Bräuhausbudencup Orsenhausen.

Posted by Ron Prinzlau on August 12, 2014 0 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


Obviously I registered myself this weekend for the Sauheldcup in Mehrstetten but my mate turned his back on me. Well, there was this 2h race in Schwendi-Orsenhausen, I would like to participate as well.

The course: Not really technical, really easy to ride. One large ascent, two short single trails. In the down hill parts, you had be more carefully. Pebbles and a narrow left turn. One round was 5,2km long and got 95m of altitude and you had to ride it as much as you can in 2h. I registered lately on Friday evening, soon I received the okay by the organizer. Fine, all 115 starting places were in use.

I was really pleased about my father, after a long illness, my wife and my two little mechanics who attendant me.


My bad memories about last year came up. To much motivated I went into the racelast year, which I remarked about 20 min before the end of the race, when I received cramps and more. This year I wanted to make it better.


I started easy, but I didn’t have to, because my legs felt really good today and during the 2nd half of the race, I could push it a little bit more, when the rain came.


I rode my rounds steadily, but I was also able to approve my time with each round. During the last round I was able to gain to more places. Than I knew, I could have get more today.

The guys ahead of me, were within a minute and the Top10 within 4min. What a pity. Finally I ended up on the 16th place overall and 9th in my AG.

I like to praise the organization at this point. The good atmosphere and all the people, which were in quite a good mood. It was wonderful. Even thefinal note with spaghetti and alcoholic free wheat beer was fantastic.


The only thing to improve is, if you would get a station to print, your documents and maybe a washing station for your bikes. Well, wait and one thing more, I wasn’t able to store your pictures separately. Thumbs up…

Maybe until next year…

XXX, Armin