Sibersee Triathlon in Stuhr

Posted by Ron Prinzlau on August 07, 2014 0 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


At the 27.07.14 took part the Silbersee triathlon in Stuhr, with about 1000 participants over the Olympic and sprint distance and brought the organizer a new participant’s record.

It was my first start in Stuhr and I was surprised of the atmosphere and the organization.

I was supported by Pirate Tobias Gende, who participated here very often.

The lake got about 24,1degrees and so, no wet suit, were allowed. After quite a fast swimming, I came within the first half out of the water. The bike course is very windy, which I remarked after the first turn around. On the 2nd half on the bike course, was I passed by Tobias Gende, he almost flew past me. I tried to follow and stay in contact, but I wasn’t able. After a fast change, I went on the running course. There was also a turning point on the running course you had to run two times, were I saw Tobias two times as well. At the end, I needed 1:24:55h and took the 57th place overall. Tobias finished on the 45th place with a time of 1:20:30



Wir hatten uns beide zwar etwas mehr für diesen Tag vorgenommen, waren am Ende aber auf Grund der hohen Temperaturen, die bei unserem Start zur Mittagszeit herrschten, absolut zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis.

Hängen geblieben ist vor allem die Erinnerung an eine klasse Veranstaltung, bei der ich sicher nicht zum letzten Mal gestartet bin!

Kette Steuerbord!

Thomas #519