When we say heavy, we mean it like that.

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Translated by Bjørn Henschke

With this headline and this description by the organizer, everything is said about this course.

Our course is peppered with its really technical ambitious single trails, added by the endurance requirement of a marathon. Steep ascents rewarded by hefty down hill parts. No chance in between to recover your legs. Even the flat section requires much concentration. If you want to know more: You will have to ride three hard rounds of 23km distance. Cute? You think… All right, about 2400m of altitude to solve, added by this hard course sections, will push you to your limits.

The Endurthon in Schierke is really a hard piece of shit. 69km and 2400m of altitude sounds for the first, at just a large amount of altitude, but if you add the course, it´s gonna be really hard. In 2010 I participated here for the last time. In 2013 I wanted to participate, but than the race was being cancelled. When I gt to know of this years date, I booked this date in my schedule. With lots of memories and respect, I headed on the 4.7.14 to Schierke.

On Friday we did a short work out, than we went for the start packages and later we watch Soccer, Germany.



Right before the start, together with Björn and Reinhard.

The start was Saturday morning at 10:00o´clock, while we had wonderful weather conditions. We were, as we expected, only a small group of starters. You had to ride 3 rounds with each 23km. After a neutral start, the speed was quite fast right from the beginning. For me, I wanted to start easy. It went quite good for me, I just wanted to get to know the course and had to getting used to the ground of the Harz.

The race becamer harder and harder with each round. At the end of round 2 and in the beginning of the 3rd round, I was able to gain 2 places to the front. But when we went uphill for the 3rd time to the “Scharfrichter”, the way up the Wurmberg. MY lights went of.



After a successful finish, with a time of 4:40:34h and the 8th place overall and the 8th place in my AG, I was really satisfied with myself. After that, I went for a massage, which was for free, organized by the organizer.


It was a fantastic event and something like a duty for next year.

Some special thanks at the Photographs…



Results AG 2014