Pizza-Pasta-Ponalestreet-Pregasina and: Podium-or: One week at the Lake Garda

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Mai 14, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke

What a week….

Finally it was time again. A long eagerly dream came true. Since I started riding almost 20years ago, I always wanted to travel to Lake Garda, when there is the Bike Festival in Riva.

I was really pleased about it, when our car was ready, packed with 3 bikes, lots of luggage and we started heading south.

8h later, with lots of rain, but almost empty interstate, we were being welcomed by former Pirate Ubi and his wife in Torbole. Getting to bed and hope for having sunshine the very next day.

There it was. Sunshine and blue sky, when I looked out of the window.

Very easy we started our first trip to the Passo Rocetta. Because the Festival will start Thursday, we had some time to spent. 3 days wit almost no bike or car traffic between Torbole, Riva and the Ponale street. To be honest, enjoying the view up the Passo, will reward you for every drop of sweat, while riding uphill.


But riding downhill is not that boring, than it look like…

In the following days, we had some good days and some bad. One day we had cold 12degrees and rain, the next day bright sky, sunshine and 25degrees.

On Thursday, while we had sunshine we rode the Ronda Facile, at the same time there was the training for the Enduro race. The Enduro race was this year part of the Ronda Facile. It was all funny, just think about, having 5 marathon riders, four of them on CC-hardtails riding pass, full clothed Enduristi, which waved and smiled at us.

After weh ad rain on Friday, we took a closer look on the course. The weather forecat told something about sunshine on the weekend. All right, getting registered for the marathon. Ubi decided himself for the Ronda Piccola, Iand myself for the Ronda Facile.

Early mornig we rode very easy from torbole to the startin Riva. Lot´s of people here today…

At the start I met Gaby, I was very delighted to see her.


Than, lining up fort he start and off we go…

I strted from far behind and I had to push the throttle a little bit ast the beginning on the bitumen part to Arco. My legs felt good, even with thr rips we took in the last days, and I was able to regain some places on the uphill part. I didn´t know on which I was. The places I gained while riding up, I lost again while riding down, I´m something like a downhill queen.

After some more up´s and down´s we came back to Arco…


I didn´t know this part f the course, because there was another woman in my group, I had to get rid of her. I think it was better, that I didn´t know what I was facing the next km´s. Not technical, but steep. Steep left down, dteep right up. I was closte to my limits. All alone. Ubi told me before, look out for a drafting place. But there was no one.

When I passed the finish line, I was surprised. I was on the 2nd place overall. Me? No way. Really. Awesome, I didn´t expected that. I was really pleased about it. First year back on track and than on podium again…What a start…


Here some showing our helmets pictures with Gaby and Ubi

At the winner ceremony I received a wonderful bag as a prize.

The very next day,weh ad sunshine again. We used it for another wonderful bike trip.

It can go on like this. J

Today I leave, it’s no end,
but sure I’ll return, that’s grand.

See you soon,

Nina-back on Track with chain mostright