Night on Bike

Posted by Ron Prinzlau on July 23, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjoern Henschke

Hello altogether

On Saturday the 19.07.14, Udo and I, started for the first time as a Pirate. At the Night on Bike in Radevormwald, a 14h race. We were quite excited how everything will do, because it was the first time for us, to ride in a team of 2. Udo did the job for to deal with the mountains and I, the most difficult part, the start.



The race started at 20:00o´clock right on the market place of Rade.
Now the race went better and we fought our way thru the night. It was a wonderful course and she lead over bitumen, forest paths and a very rooty trail, right thru the forest of Rade.
Besides a flat tyre, which I already remarked in the transition area, went everything fine for us. Sadly we just finished on the 21st place.


Michael and Udo