Mud fight at the Alb-Gold Trophy !

Report by Armin Hondl                                                                                                                                                          .

It was Sunday the 06.10.2013. Time for the 17th race of the Alb Gold Trophy.

The start was for the first time ever in the MTB Park of Münsing, where annually a CC-Premier-League race participate. The best circumstances for a  good race this year and maybe also because of:

This time the race was a race for the German Championship over the Marathon distance. While we had cold and cloudy weather conditions, with rain in the days before. Anyhow, there were more than 1200 participants over two different distances at this race.


The men and women´s race for the German Championship stated an hour earlier, as well like the hobby class over the short distance. Finally it was time for me, for the race over 83km and 1990m of altitude.

Right from the start the speed was fast, the course is well known fort hat. My first main goal was to find a matching group. And it worked until km57. Until this point I had no problems with the hills or race.


‘Than, suddenly, I ran out of power and had the group to let go. Now it was time for me to right single for about 6-7km´s. I haven´t planned it that way. Than I slowed a bit and found a group of 4, which I joined.


Like this, it was quite comfortable to ride with them until the last finish ascent. After the ascent, the course went over most technical and ambitious part of the course. Right over the Premier League course and back to the finish in the MTB-bike-park.

Totally exhausted, but happy I finished on the 63rd place overall with a time of 3:37:53h.
Like last year, lots of riders had to give the race out of technical problems and because of lack of condition.

Because of that, I´m really happy and satisfied about my result.

Greetings, Armin