Finally, the Cross season of 2013/2014 is there

Report by Thomas Siemes                                                                                                                                           .

Today, I had to ride Surwold, for the first race of the Weser-Ems-Cup.

After we solved some problems before the race, about licenses and more, I was allowed to start with my license of “ Hamburg”. I was nervous the morning when I woke up, as ever before the start, because there was drizzle today. Luckily the weather became better within the day. When we arrived I was all happy about seeing the other CC´s again. Than I started to get to know the course. The course was dry and really good prepared. Some roots here and there, if you won´t see them right, it can be bad. The course changed in opposite to last year. The start was at the foot of a hill, so, warming up really good just from the beginning. After I warmed up a bit, I went to the start at 12:00o´clock. I became more and more nervous, I the thoughts came back: Did I exercise enough? Where is the toilet? Well, the other looks better in shape and more…

Finally our race was started at 12:15o´clock. Senior 2 on the way. I started out of the 2nd row and after the start hill, I was on the 10th place.

Than a group made up of 3. Mirko, Fergus and myself. Or place 12 to 14. During the rounds we fought about our positions. In the last but one round, the same picture. On the hill I had to let go, just to catch the others again on the peak. In the last round the two others were able to push it a little bit more, Not me, I had to let go. And so, I ended up on the 14th place overall.

After cooling down: It  was Guido´s time in the elite race and for us to cheer at him.Than finally it was time fort he rce sausage, coffee and a lot of spezial talkings…
See you next week at the Alfsee…


Results: 1st run of the „Weser Ems Cup“