Moin Piraten,

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Dezember 03, 20130 Comment

Bulletin by Frank Jacobs

Trnaslated by Bjørn Henschke                                                                                                                            .

Today I went to a far off place, a race of the Stevens Cup in Bad Doberan.

But the longest way, isn´t that far, if it means to defend your leading jersey. Because my lead is very close, by just one point after the last race. So, when the 2nd one, will finish ahead of em, I´ll lose my lead.

I learned a bit out of the last race and wanted to do this race a little bit mor with tactics, ans so I stood at the starting line.

The course was quite a fast one, not so much road like in Dassow but with a long home straight. First wait a bit and read the race while you race. The course was not that ambitious, some hindrances, muddy turns but only one mistake and you´ll loose.

Starting signal and off we go…Watch the other, how he look like. Than w were a group of 5 with changing positions in the forest. I watched the others and searched for a spot for an advance for me. Than 2 rounds before the end, I tried it and before the open field I made a move and I rode the next round in front. Than we were just 4, than I knew what to do in the last round, just attack and attack and than wait for the others to made the last move for the sprint. I waited for the right moment, the others slowed down and than I attacked on the last hill, a small gap and than I crossed the finish line.

Another victory for me and I was able to defend my leading jersey and now I got again a bigger gap in the overall ranking.




Next weekend will be a double race weekend first inElmshorn than in Volksdorf.