Mega-Sports SKS-Bike-Marathon

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Mai 15, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke

At the 26.02.14, the Mega-Sports-SKS-Bike-Marathon in Sundern-Hagen, was on my schedule.

This time we arrived a day earlier. So, I was well feed and well-rested at the starting line. We rode to the start by bike and so arrived on time, and I was able to get me a place in the first row.

The middle and long distance start was at 10:45o´clock, about 750 participants there. Our start was at 11:00o´clock and we were 574 riders on the shot distance. Right after the start a group found each other right behind the leading car to get out of the village on the 5km long street, than we entered the terrain and we were about 25-30 riders.

The front, steped on the gas, soon, the group splitted more and more and tried to regain contact again, as well like our group of 3

It rained very much the days before, the course was in between really muddy, where you had some problems passing the middle or long distance riders.

Until the wild meadow, we were just two left, but than on the next ascent we were able to regain contact to the group in front of us. Than my mate received a cramp and I was all alone in the group. While the finish drew closer the speed became higher again. Sadly, I was able to hold the speed for long.

While I was still in Top10, a group of 2 came up behind me, while we had a fierce battle for places I ended up on the 11th place, but at least on the 3rd in my AG. I´m satisfied with my result. It was a nice race here ein Sundern-Hagen. Well organized. My next race will be the Ruhrbike-Festival in Wetter.