Hello altogether,

reprt by Martin aka Elvis Krankemann                                                                                                                               .

Something went wrong with the weather, because the race in Willingen was all dry, it was like a complete new experience. Even without racing or exercising that much I ended up in the mid-field on the short distance
Pirate Willingen

The next weekend the weather was allright in Wetter for the Ruhrbike festival, just the dark clouds seemed to threaten us. I was registered for the middle distance with 55km and 2000m of altitude.
Pirate Willingen
If you like to ride single trails, you should participate here. Sadly I had a bad day…
Pirate Willingen
Quite early in the race, I received some marks and spots and my right knee hurt really much.
Pirate WillingenLater my stomach started to bother me a lot and I decided to quit after the short round.I believed that it was the best descision. Later that day, I went to bed at 18:30o´clock without dinner.Like you say:  shit happens.

Lots of greetings