Hello altogether!

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Mai 16, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


Because of some private reasons, I wasn´t able to participate at the Veringer Bike Event, I was allowed after being absent for more than 4 weeks to race again.

Early morning, it was raining, I went to to Singen, in the wonderful Hegau. The weather wasn´t good, but for the start it became better.

After the start of the UCI World-Series and the Hobby long distance race, our start was at 10:55o´clock, for the middle distance over 54km and 1400m of altitude. The start was good, no problems but after 2km was the first steep uphill part. Some smaller followed and the wind was really good as well, from everywhere, so you didn´t got much time to recover throughout the race.


But, at least everything went good form e, besides a small cramp at km 40, but at least I was able to get rid of him quite fast. And facing Münsingen, I was able to re gain some places on the last km`s.


The course was a bit technical, got some nice and easy single trails, and even the downhill parts over meadows were fun. After all, I rode to slow that race, I think I could have ride 3 or 4 minutes faster. But you don´t know it, if you don´t know the course for sure.


At the end, it took me 2:16:36h, to reach the 28th place in my AG and 77th place overall.

I just can tell you good things about this race. The viewers, spectators, scenery.

I wasn´t here for the last time.

Greetings and chain most right…

Your Armin