Getting Tough the Race IIJPirate getting over Kiel

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Dezember 10, 20130 Comment

Bulletin by Manfred Arndt

Translated by Bjørn Henschke

On St.Nicholas Day, finally it was time. After an official meeting everybody was invited and collected. Dirk Parsley didn´t want to, but the medal made him to. My beloved relative Markus Schmidt, got his feet injured, but became a great supporter, and he did a really good job.



First of all, I inspected the starting area adn met the other running folks. After that, we wanted to drink a fancy beer. Of course it became more than one. We did a really good party until 3o´clock, in between I almost forgot that I wanted to run the next day. Well, after 3 hours of sleepe and having lots of rest alcohol in my blood I went to the stat. having a small break on the toilet, but than I was ready for the start. While I was listening to the Pirate of the Carabian Sea Soundtrack. Even the Godfather of hindrance running, Mr.Mouse was their and everyone fell on their knees to pray.


I received Goose skin and nausea. What have I done. I´m standing at the start on one of my biggest challenges in my live and I´m still drunk. Who care´s. Starting signal for the 24km run and for the more than 100 hindrances and more than 1000m of altitude. Swimming in ice cold waters and lots more of challenges. But the team spirit came over me, the atmosphere was awesome, which made Goose skin as well. At the end I stumbled over the finish line and raised proudly our flag. It was just awesome and now I´m ready for more SM…