No to fireworks, better explode yourself!!!

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Januar 04, 2014 0 Comment

Bulletin by Michael Gnannt

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


A good end is almost the best. This is the slogan of Bütti and myself, for the end of this season after the New Years Eve run in Tuttlingen, which was, how funny on the 31.12.13 in Tuttlingen. We had blue sky and temperatures above zero. This weather conditions brought lots of participants and lots of viewers to the race. You could choose between one round or two, with each 5km. Because Bütti wanted to run the 5km, did I the 10km. It was like comeback for me in the running series, because I did my last City run in 2001. So, put some music in my ears and easy…but soon after the starting signal all easy is gone and I was attacked by burning ambition and so I ran the first round (5km) in 21 min.

It went better than I thought, So, keep on going, just do it your way, but it doesn´t work all the time, but at the end I enjoyed myself over the 16th place AG, with a time of 44min for the 10km.

Conclusion. It was definitely my last ran in 2013, but some more will follow in 2014, when my bike schedule will fit with it.

It was a wonderful season final and I was bale to celebrate it with Bütti. Well, I recovered really good of my large break last year and if I can stand up with my intentions for 2014, drink more, quit smoking and whatever. I can start exercise tomorrow or the day after for the year of 2014.


Stay tuned,
Michael Gnannt