Bulletin of the 24H race at the Alfsee.

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Mai 30, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


Quite spontaneous Klaus and myself registered for the race at the Alfsee. We could choose between the CC or the MTB, we decided to ride it by MTB. What else can I say, everything was fantastic, just being here. We had fantastic weather with a 24h food and beverages support, with everything you like.

We just started to have some, without any interest in a placement or not. Just for fun.

And we had fun. We changed after each round, we thought it would bet he best for us. The best rounds were by riding thru the night. At 3:30o´clock, we took a break of 3h. All right, to be honest in between we took also some breaks between the changes of 10-20 minutes. Really easy going…

On Sunday at 6:30o´clock, we got back on our bike again. Than you were able to see, how the course bothered under the bikes. It became more and more ambitious. We gave everything we had left. At the end, we rode 20 rounds and were satisfied with our results. Maybe, we gonna try it again next year. And maybe we like improve this years result
Also, we like to greet every Pirate we have met here