Bike at the Ring

Report by Tobias Gende                                                                                                                               .

Here, my bulletin of our weekend in the Eiffel at the Bike at the Ring.

The weathes, we got everything. I arrived while we had more than 30degrees on Friday and the weekend ended with the cancellation of the race on Sunday morning because of a thunderstorm.

After everyone arrived on Friday, we started with a BBQ. On Saturday morning we( the MTB-rider ( Nele, Stephan, Dirk and myself)), checked our bikes.



We were the only Pirate MTB Team this weekend, even we arrived with 27 Pirates. Who care´s. At 13:20o´clock, the race finally started. It was sunny and I was the start rider.


Well , it was like a coffee trip. No wonder, if thousands of riders strt altogether, so the trails became full. One round had 8,5km and we changed every round. In the afternoon the weather became more and more bad and in the evening the rain started. But, we on the MTB, rode on. The trail were bright lighted. But the roadbike rider had to take a break. The course was all wet and we had lots of mist.


The rain became more and more worse, than we decided to take a break. The night was like a catastrophy. Now a thunderstorm approached, wind and lightings. Than you could hear the first sirens on the course of the ambulance. Some RB-riders told us, that you weren´t able to see hand in front of you eyes, up there at the “ Hohe Acht”. So the organizer broke up the race, and started it new at 8:30o´clock. The MTB- course was completely blocked, than changed and you did not even ride anymore thru the forest. But we didn´t ride anymore. We just took a picture of all of us in the rain and went home.


Well, everything was over on Sunday morning. What a pity…


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