Aspen Bike Marathon at the 20.7.2014 in Nordhausen.

Posted by Ron Prinzlau on July 22, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


The “Hardtwaldracers”, from the TSV Nordhausen, organized for the 8th time the Aspen MTB-marathon in Nordhausen near Heilbronn.

The race is a smaller event, but made by heart and it’s like an insider tip.

The long distance race over 65km and about 1300m of altitude was quite a fast race. Almost no hills but a few short ascents up the wine hills were quite exhausting. Armin Hondle, another Pirate started here as well, together with me out of the 2nd starting block.
My plan was to keep contact to the top, over the first round of 32km for as long as possible. Than to show during the 2nd round, what I’m still up to. My plan was being destroyed at the 2nd ascent, because my chain broke.
pirate14aspen1My my pulse was far beyond it´s limits, I tried to close the chain locket, but after two turns, the chain broke again. Calm down, catch your breath. Close the chain again, than after almost the whole field passed me, I made up my way to re-gain some places again.
A good part of this race, were the large amount and long single trails, felt like riding a roller coaster, which you were able to ride really fast with a good grip. I liked it, better than to ride over the usual gravel.
There were good to ride, but here the field separated again and some took some coring samples. Sadly, there wasn’t more able for me than the 20th place, because of the defect. 10min more for the repairing of the chain and I would end up on the 10th place.

The course was really good and the organization as well. Not thinking about the defect, but it was a good exercise. For sure…

See you next time,

Michael Gnannt

Pictures by Michaela Krause