Report by Jörg Papke                                                                                                                            .

We participated at the 33rd run of the Steinhuder Meer at the 01.09.2013.

Myself (Dirk), did not have very much time to prepare myself for my first half-marathon, but a least I ran it. I used my times from the 10km runs, to check the times and it was not a bad idea. At the end I needed 1:41:10h and ended up on the 41st place overall men and 6th in my AG40. I was satisfied with that.




Jörg attanded me on my trip here, who attandent his son Mirko on his first 5km run.

We were really happy about Pirate Armin, who used the 5km as a recovery run of his triathlon the day before. Lots of greetings to him by the way.

Ahoy, Dirk Kohlrausch and Jörg Papke

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