1st run of the Nutrixxion MTB Marathon Trophy in Wetter / Ruhr

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Mai 26, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


At the 03.05.2014, the 1st run of the Nuttrixxion Marathon Trophy was on my schedule in Wetter/Ruhr.

What I still knew from last year, was that it soon became really narrow after the start. So, get early into the starting block. After warming up, I made my way into the starting block


Directly after the starting signal I knew, why you better start that far in front. To avoid jams, you had to go really full throttle just from the beginning. What was really good, when you listening to behind, when they soon hit their brakes really hard.


The profile of the curse was really tough. A short steep ascent and again, and again, followed by sharp 180degree turns and lots of technical down hill parts.


Twice I lost contact to my bike, while I brake to hard, but I just received some bruises.


One other thing of last year, was, that at the end the course became harder. After the most steep street in whole Europe, you had to get uphill again on the home straight. All out, but I was still able to pass two other.

After all I ended up on the 29th place overall and the 7th in my AG Sen2.


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