Schalkenmehren or my first German Championships

report by Doro Richters                                                                                                                                                 .

Championships over the volcano distance ( 1,5km swim, 32km MTB and 10km run). And if there is the German Championships, you can mark it as well on the register sheet, cost no more.

No sooner said than done and I travelled on the 17.08.13 to the Eiffel. The start of the race was at 16:00o´clock, but because of the German Championships it was quite complicated and you had to sign up and get your starting back until 13:00o´clock. And the race briefing at 13:30o´clock. But it was allright, time went by quite fast. The start was about 15 min delayed because of toppled down bikes in the transition area. Than it was swimming time, with a short walk in between of 200 after 750m , which brought my out of my rhythm and so I needed 33:35min for the 1,5km of swimming.

Than I grabbed my MTB and rode over the hardest cross-triathlon course I´ve ever seen . It got lots of me of altitude and some tricky parts. I don´t wanna ride it, when it´s wet. I needed 1:48:36h with both changes for the bike course and went on the running course only 19min before the bike-run-cut off time( I was scared of it).

The running course was ambitious as well, you ran over meadows on hills, up steep hills where you had to watch not to step into a rabbit hole. You had to be 100% concentrate. After 48:15min I crossed the finish line. I f I would have swallow another gel during the gel, I wouldn´t hit the wall in the middle of the 3rd round and would have finished under 3:10h. But, it was allright afterall.

My reward for all the stress? The 8th place at the German Championships and German Vice-champion in my AG. I became Vice champion of Rhineland-Pfalz and AG-champion of Rhineland-Pfalz and 2nd place in my AG overall. I was being honoured  4times, but I like it.


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