Rhein-Ruhr-Marathon in Duisburg

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Juni 05, 2014 0 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


It was my 2nd time to participate here, at the Rhein-Ruhr-Half-Marathon, after I participated here once in 2011. I wanted to run a time faster than 1:30h and a Top5 placement, but than, everything came else than expected…

I can´t blame the conditions, they were quite good. I arrived on time, no parking lot problem, my girl friend attended me for my support. I received my starting bag, the weather was fine. But, when I was warming up, I remarked that the curry-sausage, the evening before, wasn´t the ebst choice to eat. Don´t care. Start, I began wit a speed of 4:10-4:20min/kmh, I felt good, beside the noise inside my stomach. I was confident, but than after 12km´s, my left shoe began to shudder, it bothered me, firsts I thought it was a stone inside and I didn´t want to stop, to check it out.

After I crossed the finish line, I took a look and found a bullet 7,62mm under my shoe. What´s goin on her eon the streets of Duisburg? My time, disappointing for me, 1:31:30h and ended up on the 125th place of 1200 and 15th in my AG of 256. In 2011, I was 5min faster. My next runs will be the half-marathon s in Bochum and Dortmund and wait and see what´s up in the District-Cup-Trophy…until than


Greetings from the Bergischen Land!