All good things are three…

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Juni 06, 2014 0 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke
I used tp participate here two times, and two time I haven´t seen the finish line in 2012, because of a broken bike, and in 2013 because of a crahs, now this year in 2014, I wanted to try it again, to finish here in Bad Wildbach. My first race this year. Together with Michael Gnannt I rode the middle distance of 55k m and 1450m of altitude.

The race:

Start and finish were located in the park of Bad Wildbach, than we rode an opening gap after this we had to ride two loops inside the BlachForest.



The course was really good signed, it good some mud and lots of sunshine.the downhill parts were fast and a bit technical. Luckily I participated at a technical bike exercise before…



Short before the end of the race, I had to sax good bye to my 38chain. I wasn´t able to level up anymore. Later I get to know that the shifter was loose, it was not nice during the downhill parts, than I lost a lens, because a fly hit my eye behind my sun glasses. But as you all know, Pirates can ride single eyed as well. Luckily it was not that far until the finish



At the end I ended up on the 29th place, at the men license race.

I´m satisfied with my result and will come back.

Chain most right, as usually….

Marcel Krahmann