Gabi (Team Schiermeister) in Wales

Report by Gabi Kleinschmidt                                                                                                                                                   .

‘Arrival after a nightshift on late Friday morning, in a wonderful village at the Atlantic Ocean, Tenby.

On Saturday, we tried to get to know the environment by car and to enjoy the scenery. And I knew that it would become really hard, some ascents had about 16%, but almost everywhere you could see the ocean.

Sunday Morning, the Atlantic Ocean had 17degrees. Water was almost quiet. The transition area was about 1km long and all up hill. Almost everyone turn on running shoes to get up to the transition area.


First of all, the bike course was dry, but later the rain began and of course not to forget the wind,it became stronger and it was fresh. Lots of participants had flat tyres, some crashed. You had to ride over cattle guards, which are really slippery when wet.

Because I thought about having a bad bike split, I cancelled with the bike part and didn´t want to suffer very much during the running and because  of that, I walked a lot and thought really often about giving up, because it was very much this year, not  only with sports as well like private.


I did not give up, because all the people of Tenby were so cheerful, I never get to know anything like this. They screamed, yelled at everyone who passed by. Thank you people of Tenby for all your support.

Finally I finished with a bad time but without any minor injurys and was very lucky about it and get to  know the scenery and the people who live here.
A long and unique day was over. I can really recommend this contest.

Lots of greetings

Gabi Kleinschmidt

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