15th MTB event in the Harz of 2014. First MTB-Enduro-Race

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Juni 04, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke



The first Enduro race in the Harz , lot´s of first times this weekend.

For the first time ever they offered a Enduro race in the Harz, for others it was their First time for Enduro and for me it was my first time ever.



Because of that, I was quite nervous at the start, but than it went away, by a large portion of fun.

The courses were fantastic, even the organization of this race, perfect. We had to ride 31km and about 750m of altitude. The overall distances of all stages were 6,5km and finally we crossed the finish line with a bright smile on our faces.

pirate14enduro2 pirate14enduro4

While Casey Brown at the Ladies and André Kleindienst, Edward Masters and Jack Mori

At the men, we had some celebrities on start.

What a weekend and what a race.